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The online code of Bellerose Village - Bellerose Village Official

Ann Marie Byrnes - Daniel Driscoll - John Veracoechea
Joseph Juliano - Deputy Mayor
Hon. Kenneth Moore - Mayor
"An American Beauty"
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The online code of Bellerose Village

Bellerose Village Code

The Code of the Incorporated Village of Bellerose is maintained online at E-Code 360.

The Village Building Department employs an engineer, who can answer any questions you may have concerning matters of construction, renovation, etc. to your home, which you may be contemplating.

Please remember that this website is not the final word regarding village law or policy.

The Village Code, the Building Department, and the Board of Appeals are responsible for many aspects of life in Bellerose Village.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Village Hall.

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