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Trash Collection Days Parking - Bellerose Village Official

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Trash Collection Days Parking

Update on Midland Carting
  • The Village, through Village Attorney Richard Handler, has sent Midland Carting a formal notice that the Village intends to enforce the clause in the contract with Midland to withhold payment for each house whose trash/bulk is not collected. In response, Midland is now documenting with photographic evidence those houses whose trash/bulk was not accessible because vehicles were parked in the driveway, making safe removal difficult or impossible.
  • Village residents whose trash/bulk is accessible only by access through the driveway will now have to ensure that Midland Carting has clear access to the area where trash and bulk are stored. Lacking clear access, Midland will not attempt to remove trash or bulk.
  • If your driveway is the sole access to your trash/bulk and if one or more vehicles are typically parked in the driveway on collection days, please complete the request for parking accommodation form (below).
  • The Village Code enforcers will have a list of addresses and vehicles that need to be parked on the street during prohibited hours on collection days.
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