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Santas 2022 Route - Bellerose Village Official

Ann Marie Byrnes - Kate Dorry - Daniel Driscoll
Joseph Juliano - Deputy Mayor
Hon. Kenneth Moore - Mayor
"An American Beauty"
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Santas 2022 Route

Santa's Sleigh will depart from the NORTH POLE H.Q.  (aka The Bellerose Fire House) at 5:15pm on Friday, December 23. Mark your calendar.
  • Santa will proceed west on Superior Rd to the dead end, make a UTurn back and head back East on Superior Rd. and then left on to Massachusetts Blvd.
  • From there Santa will proceed North and enter all West end dead end streets along way (Michigan, Ontario, Hudson, Huron).
  • At Huron and Massachusetts Blvd, the sleigh will proceed East to Pennsylvania and make a right turn and continue back to Superior Rd, and make a right turn and then the first right onto Commonwealth.
  • The Sleigh will go North to Huron make a Uturn back and head back South on Commonwealth and proceed to the firehouse. Here the second shift elves will join Santa and continue the visit.
  • The second shift will start at approximately 7:15 pm and proceed East on Superior and proceed to visit all the short blocks starting with Virginia to Boston to Delaware.
  • From there, Santa will continue West onto Ontario to the cirle at Massachusetts  Blvd.
  • He then proceeds North to Hudson, makes a right and continues to Remsen.
  • At Remsen,  Santa will make a right turn , go one block to Ontario, make a right turn, and proceed to Pennsylvania;
  • From there Santa will make 1a right turn there going North to Huron, making a right turn and proceeding to dead end.
  • This will conclude Santa's journey. Santa will then return to the Bellerose Fire House for R&R before heading back to the NORTH POLE .
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