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Roadwork Updates - Bellerose Village Official

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Joseph Juliano - Deputy Mayor
Hon. Kenneth Moore - Mayor
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Roadwork Updates

[NOTE:This page will be updated when we receive additional information. Check back to receive the latest information.]

October 27th at 11:15 AM
Graci Paving will be in the Village today applying additional asphalt binder where needed in preparation for paving next week.
No work will be done on the weekend.
The application of asphalt will be done on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (10/30, 10/31, and 11/1).
Once the streets have been paved and the equipment moved, vehicles may drive on the streets.
Mayor Moore and the Trustees thank Village residents for their patience during this process.

October 24th at 2:45 PM
Mayor Moore met with Angelo Graci this afternoon to receive a status report on the roadwork project. Several consequential issues have been identified in the course of milling, including serious issues on Hudson and Michigan Roads. The contract with Graci Paving calls for milling 2 inches of asphalt. Despite core samples that were taken by H2M Engineering in 2018, there is less than two inches of asphalt on Michigan Road to mill. Additional material will have to be deposited before asphalt can be poured. This and other issues will extend the date of completion of Phase I of the roadwork project.

October 24th at 1:20 PM
Graci Paving has informed Mayor Moore that the staging of roadwork in the west end of the Village has had to be changed. The lack of suitable substrate on some of the streets necessitates the addition of suitable aggregate matter to conform to current standards. As a result, pouring asphalt will not be started until all of the streets in Phase I have been milled and, where necessary, substrate has been brought up to code. In the process of milling the streets, Graci Paving has discovered cables and wires that were placed less than 2 inches below the surface. There is no way to know if these cables were active. If you have lost television, internet, or phone access in the last day notify Village Hall.

October 23rd at 10:30 AM
When milling the roadway on Superior Road, Graci Paving's milling machine hit and damaged a manhole cover that was paved over during a street restoration project more than 35 years ago. Fortunately, the milling machine was not damaged. Unfortunately, the Village is going to incur additional costs to elevate the opening and replace the manhole cover.
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