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Ann Marie Byrnes - Daniel Driscoll - John Veracoechea
Joseph Juliano - Deputy Mayor
Hon. Kenneth Moore - Mayor
"An American Beauty"
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Village Notification Systems
Village Information Notification
Please register <<here>> to receive timely and informative e-mails from Village Hall.

Receive Text Messages and Make Requests
  • To request a daytime parking accommodation text "PARKING" to 516-514-3343 and follow the prompts.
  • To request a bulk pickup text "BULK PICKUP" to 516-514-3343 and follow the prompts. Requests made before noon on Friday will be added to the following Monday's bulk pickup list.
  • To report a MISSED PICKUP, POTHOLE, STREET LIGHT, or SIDEWALK issue, text one of those keywords to 516-514-3343 and follow the prompts.
  • To receive text alerts from the Village you must opt-in by texting "VBALERTS" to 91896. This number is not for requests.

Trash Collection Days Parking Accommodations
If the only access to your trash bins is by way of your driveway, our carter will not attempt pickup if there is no clear access to the trash bins. Residents can request a parking accommodation sticker that is valid on trash collection days that enables them to park on the street on trash collection days. To register your vehicle(s), please visit this <<link>> and complete the form. Be sure to include the license plate number of each vehicle that you wish to register.

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