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Hon. Henry J. Schreiber - Mayor
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Mayor's Messages

Mayor's Messages

Leaf season is here and collection began November 3. Leaf piles should be kept to 18 inches high and 12 inches from the curb line. Please remember not to pile the leaves too high in front of your home so that the vacuum can pick them up. For safety reasons, please make sure children do not play in the leaf piles. Leaf pick up will continue through November and end on December 5. Disposal of leaf piles after that date will be the responsibility of the homeowner.


Also, it would be helpful if you have a catch basin near your home, that you assist us in keeping it clear of leaves by raking the leaves away from the grates. This will help prevent flooding during heavy rainstorms.

The Village recently received a grant authorization of $100,000 to clean, repair and refurbish the Village storm drains. As of today, the full village inventory of 85 storm drains was cleaned and tree roots were removed. Several storm drains required reconstruction and were completed. Special thanks to George Braun, Highway Superintendent, for overseeing this project and to Charles Puglisi, Grant Coordinator, for acquiring authorization funding.

As I reported earlier this year, our tree stock suffered losses and damage from age and storms. The Board approved Dreyer’s Tree Service for village-wide tree pruning that was started in October and will be completed in early November. The Board also approved a contract in September for tree planting with Sipala Landscape Services, Inc. and 40 new trees will be planted in November. The tree mix will include a variety of White Ash, Maple, Sweet Gum, London Plane, Linden, and Oak. Thank you to Deputy Mayor Tweedy, the Tree Committee and all of our residents for their work and cooperation in helping to keep Bellerose Village green and beautiful and achieve our goal of being designated as a Tree City USA.


At the September Board of Trustees meeting, the Board unanimously approved the proposed installation of one permanent speed table at the midsection of Hudson Road between Remsen Lane and Pennsylvania Boulevard. The matter of evaluating methods to better control traffic and curtail speeding on Hudson Road between Remsen Lane and Pennsylvania Boulevard was reviewed by the Board of Trustees this past summer. The Board hired a traffic engineer, Sean Mulryan Engineering, P.C., to perform an analysis of the Hudson Road Committee proposal and conduct an independent Hudson Road site visit. The speed table is a permanent traffic calming device designed to curtail speeding and to improve safety and traffic patterns on Hudson Road. At this time, the Board is considering cost proposals and will move forward with the installation once a satisfactory price is established. Thank you to the Hudson Road Committee and to fellow Board members for addressing this critical safety issue. Hopefully, this speed calming measure will improve the traffic situation on Hudson Road. The Board recognizes traffic patterns in the Village have been altered since the Jericho Turnpike improvement project was completed and it especially impacted Hudson Road. Please be assured that the Board is cognizant of and committed to address any future traffic concerns within the Village at large that may arise as we move forward.

All residents are reminded that the Village speed limit is 30MPH and stop signs control most intersections. Pedestrian and most importantly child safety should be paramount when driving through our Village. Driver inattention and speed are factors that place everyone at risk. Please obey all traffic laws and slow down and stop at intersections. Haste will only gain 30 seconds at most and may result in a serious preventable event. The Nassau County Police Department has been asked to step up enforcement. Let’s keep everyone safe.

Recently, a memo was sent reminding residents regarding the proper trimming of hedges and bushes to lessen the danger to pedestrians, children and motorists at street corners, roadways, sidewalks and driveways as per Village Code § 124-1. If you have any questions regarding this issue, please contact Village Hall at 516-354-1000.


Homeowners, please make sure that all home improvement projects have the necessary permits. If you are in doubt, please call Village Hall. The staff and the Building Inspector will be more than happy to guide and advise you so that the permit and certification process goes as smoothly as possible and that problems are avoided.


Traditions are a cornerstone of pride and happiness for all of us who live in this lovely community. 2014 is a historically significant year for the Incorporated Village of Bellerose as its celebrates its 90th year of incorporation. October 17 was especially historic as the Bellerose Women’s Club hosted its 100th Anniversary at Village Hall. Thank you to President, Joan Barham and the members of the Bellerose Women’s Club whose pioneering spirit continues to promote the highest ideals of citizenship in our community. Special thanks to Alan Woodruff for his contributions as our Village Historian. Recreation Commissioner George Morfessis organized a spectacular Bellerose Village Day including the Bellerose Village Mile and Picnic enjoyed by many of the residents and their friends and families, despite the rain. Also, the exercise classes offered by the Recreation Department are filled to capacity. Thank you, George. The Junior Women’s Club led by President, Ann Marie Byrnes held its annual Village Wide Garage Sale on September 6 with great success and they most recently hosted the annual Halloween Parade.

I want to thank all of the officials, volunteers and residents of the Village who work so diligently for our Village. Without you, we would not be able to sustain what we have without additional tax burdens to us all. I look forward to continuing to serve as your Mayor and wish Bellerose Village and its citizens another 100 Years of health, happiness, and prosperity.

The Village Playground will be open 7 days per week 9AM to dusk through November 30. Effective December 1st, the playground will be open weekdays only Monday – Friday, 9AM to 4PM, weather permitting. The Village Tree Lighting is Friday, December 6 at 7PM.

Please visit the Village Website for updates at

If needed, I can be reached by calling Village Hall at 516-354-1000 and I will get back to you.



Hank Schreiber, Mayor

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