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ยง 124-1. Trimming required.
[Amended 12-9-1996 by L.L. No. 1-1996]

A. Legislative intent and purpose. The Board of Trustees hereby finds and declares that, in order to lessen the danger to pedestrians, children and motorists at street corners and driveways caused by overgrown hedges and bushes which obscure the view and presence of such persons, trimming shall be required as provided herein.

    (1) Every owner, occupant or lessee of real property in the Village shall keep all hedges and bushes on its premises trimmed so that no part of any hedge or bush shall at any time extend over the sidewalk or roadway or in any way interfere with pedestrians on the sidewalk or roadway.

    (2) No hedge or bush shall exceed the height of four feet measured from the surface of the abutting sidewalk, and this height shall be maintained within the triangular space formed by said street corner having its two sides 25 feet each extending along each street forming the said street corner.

    (3) No hedge or bush shall be permitted to grow to a height greater than three feet above sidewalk grade within 10 feet of the point where a driveway intersects with a sidewalk. Deleted by the Board of Trustees on 10/17/2016 and replaced by a Resolution encouraging residents to follow the height and setback provisions of this section of the Code.

B. The Board of Trustees may grant a special exception relaxing one or more of these requirements upon application duly made in accordance with the procedures for special exceptions by the Board as provided in this Code subject to such conditions and safeguards as the Board deems appropriate.

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